Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wrap It Up

Yes, I know, there is still one more brevet this weekend. But I am also assuming some of you are wondering where your brevet cards are. I did get an email a week ago from RUSA. They just received a big shipment of brevet stickers. However, RUSA is a little busy with PBP.

I would expect the stickers sometime early September. I will then spend some mind numbing evenings watching tv and applying stickers to all those cards and get them in the mail to you as quick as possible.

Even before the final brevet in St. Louis is ridden, I want to say a thank you to the solo rider who braved a 4-5 inch snow storm to ride and finish, to those who rode in the rain, those who rode through flooded roads after a massive downpour, and finished, to those who rode into headwinds, and a few tailwinds, to those who rode in the heat and humidity in June and July and finished, and to every single person who came out and tried their best and had a good time despite the results.