Monday, December 6, 2010

Photo Update

First I want to say a happy holidays, and a merry Christmas to everyone.

It is December, it is cold and a challenge to ride outdoors these days. I have brought my bicycle indoors and have it on my trainer in front of the TV. I have some Spinerval videos as well as movies and television to keep my mind from numbing.

Now for the important stuff. Thanks to George Jarad I have added a new photo gallery for 2009. George provided bag drop and roaming support on the June 600k brevet. George was kind enough to take some photos during the event and forwarded them to me. They are now up on my galleries page, under 2009. You can click here view them now if you like.

Do you have any brevet photos you would like me to add to the St. Louis Randonnering web site? Drop me an email and I would be happy to add them, and give you full photo credit.