Thursday, May 19, 2011

Results Posted for 2011

Okay campers, or cyclists, as the case may be. I have posted the results of all 2011 events through last week. I have also been able to load all results of all events going back to 2000.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

600K Route Map Updated

I have posted an update to the 600K route map on my site. If you are planning on riding any of the 600K events, you should download this file.

Friday, May 13, 2011

600k Brevet Route Update

Update on the St. Louis 600K Route

I was able to contact Wilkey’s Diner in Belle Rive, our normal checkpoint. The restaurant will NOT be open until after our first 600K on May 21. I will move the official checkpoint south to Thompsonville and will have the brevet cards updated for this ride.

It is VERY important to note that with Wilkey’s closed for this first event, there are limited opportunities for food and water stops. At mile 111 in the town of Dix there is a 24 hour gas station. At mile 132, Markham Lane, there is a gas station/mini-mart which closes at 3:00 PM on Saturdays. If you miss this refuel opportunity, your next chance will be at mile 166 in Thompsonville. Please plan your fueling strategy accordingly with extra waterbottles, foods and hydration systems.

If you have questions, please contact me.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

600K Route Notes **Important**

In case you didn’t see it on the STL Brevets website home page, I have some information to share regarding the upcoming 600k events.

Fellow rider, Dennis Smith and I drove the 600k route on Saturday May 7. The route is in good shape with the following important notes:

1. The Belle Rive checkpoint at Wilkey’s Diner is closed for repairs. The note on the door said it would reopen soon. There are no alternates available in Belle Rive. This means if you plan on riding the 600k on May 21, be prepared to around 50 miles without ANY services. With Wilkey’s closed I will either have riders sign their own cards and mark their time of passage, or will move the checkpoint to Dix (mile 111) or south to Thompsonville (mile 166).

2. Tunnel Hill Trail was closed due to flooding, but was reopened last week. Dennis and I rode from Vienna north to New Burnside, then back down to Vienna. This section of trail is about 15.5 miles long with the first three miles having some soft spots and a few rough patches. After about 3 miles, the trail is in good shape for the remainder of the trip to Vienna. As a note for those who have not ridden Tunnel Hill Trail, it generally goes uphill for the first 7 miles to the tunnel, then 9 miles downhill to Vienna. It is crushed limestone surface. Dennis agreed that the last nine miles to Vienna is in the best shape either of us has ever seen it. Let’s hope and pray that continues. Should it rain much in the next week or so I do have an emergency reroute already predriven and cue sheet addendums available.

3. The route from Pinckneyville east to Eden has been on Route 154 for several years. I have rerouted this along farms roads just north of the previous roads. Mueller Hill Cemetery Rd has much lower traffic and the hills are gently rolling with one or two short steeper sections. I am working on changing the maps as I write this. I will try and have the “final” map online by the weekend.

Please check back to see about any updates. Again, May 21st riders should expect and plan for at least 50 miles or so with no services (no food or water). Bring extra food, water bottles and or a hydration system to get you through this stretch.