Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Saturday, June 26 Brevet Recap

What can you say about a day that begins at 4AM and the temperature is already 75 degrees. By mid morning it would already be in the 90’s and top out (depending on who you listen to) near 100 degrees with a heat index (humid-temp) around 107 to 110 degrees.

While it is a challenge to ride 50 miles on a day like this, nine riders gave a 375 mile brevet a go. Three riders chose the 252 mile event, one rider a 186 mile ride, and two riders (the smartest of the bunch) did a 125 mile ride and were done before noon.

The heat did five riders, including the RBA, John Jost in, and they decided to retire before being buried alongside the road or becoming food for birds and wolves.

This was the second 600K of the season, and unfortunately the last opportunity in the St. Louis area to earn your Super Randonneur medal. Some of us will need to wait until next year, or will need to drive to another venue and pray for cooler weather.

Monday, June 21, 2010

June 26th Limited Inn - Share Available

Hello riders!
I have been contacted by one of the faster riders who has reserved a room at the Limited Inn in Vienna for the 600K. If you are interested in sharing the room and expenses, contact me and I will provide the rider's contact information.

The weather for this coming weekend's events is ... well... just darn hot. Be smart in your riding, hydration and food choices, bring plenty of strong sunblock and take your time.

See you Saturday.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

St. Louis Brevet Updates

Happy June. I hope you are riding, and more importantly, enjoying your riding. I wanted to send out this email for several purposes.

First, is an event reminder, June 26 is the last opportunity this year to complete a 400K and or a 600K. June 26 also have a 200K and 300K option. Registration for all of these rides is 3:00 AM to 3:45 AM with all riders departing Edwardsville at 4:00 AM. You can, of course, register the morning of the event. Lights and reflective gear are required for all riders.

Next, I am looking for a volunteer to help with the bag drop on the 600K ride. Bags will be dropped at the Limited Inn in Vienna (mile 212 or so) by 6PM, and will be delivered back to Edwardsville the following morning between noon and 1 PM. The volunteer can either drop bags off and head home (returning in the morning) or stay in a shared room in Vienna. If you are not planning on riding, and would be willing to volunteer, please contact me via email and we can discuss the details.

I would also like to reminder riders of several 200 and 300K opportunities later this summer. July 17 in Edwardsville is a 200K/300K option.

July 31 will have a 300K event (new this year) starting in Marion IL (southern IL). If at all possible, please come down for this Marion event and provide feedback on the route. This may be good hill training for those wanting to head to Paris, or those who think the other 300Ks are just too flat.

On August 21 in Edwardsville is a 200K and 300K option and this will be the final events on the 2010 calendar.

Please check my website for registration and ride times for all events. Thanks for your time, and keep riding strong, and safe. Again, if you would be interested in volunteering, please contact me. Your help and support for the St. Louis brevet series is greatly appreciated.